Trainspo 2014 update
Mikhail Ter

We are pleased to introduce some updates to our Trainspo website.

The site design is slightly updated to display a gray background and new page header, both of which will emphasize the beautiful pictures that are contributed by our highly skilled members. Also updated is vehicle profile picture browsing, an example of which can be found at ÖBB 1116 profile.

And there are three major new features we would like to announce:

1. Updated picture viewer

There are a lot of devices which can be used to see pictures on Trainspo, and now it is easier to find your preferred view mode. Our new picture viewer has three modes:

- Wide 100% - This is the default mode, with the picture at 100% wide with a black background. It is a good mode to view pictures on desktop monitors.

- Wide 70% - The same as previous mode but with a smaller picture, which is good if you are browsing the site from a netbook or any other device with a small display.

- Square Light - This is the default mode for retina devices like MacBooks with retina displays or Apple iPad.

You may choose your preferred mode by clicking a selector at the bottom, under the picture.

2. Feed - a notification system

Now we have a notification system which can inform you about events that are of interest to you. By default it will show:

- New pictures of the week
- New comments to your own pictures
- New likes of your own pictures
- New comments to pictures taken by your followed friends

You may also enable notifications for:

- New comments by followed friends regarding any picture on Trainspo
- All Trainspo comments

You may also use the "Reply" link in picture messages to respond to comments made by other members and fans.

3. Forum

We are opening a Trainspo Forum 😸 It is a good place to ask all your questions, report on any database errors or request new site features. We have also begun building a new FAQ section with more detailed information about the site. Help us make the Trainspo database cleaner and more accurate!

Full list of updates

More on Trainspo

We are pleased that the Trainspo project is growing, now with more than 500 photographers. A good way to help Trainspo grow even faster is to invite more people to join us. A larger group of members means that we will have a greater ability to increase the size and accuracy of our database. Also, it is a good way to discover new places and vehicles and make new friends. Use the "Invite" feature in your profile settings to send to a friend, or share information about Trainspo on your Facebook page 😉

Now it is easier to have fun with Trainspo around the world - we have launched separate nodes/servers in North America, Europe and Asia to get pictures loading faster. Trainspo is the first global railfan website with its own worldwide CDN network.

We have one more interesting new feature in the testing phase that should be available shortly.

Thank you for staying with us at Trainspo! 😊

João Maria R da Silva

Congratulations for the new look, and work .Gostei what I saw .Continuem for the sake of Train

João Silva - Portugal
Giorgio Iannelli

Very good news! 😄
Javier Hervás

I like the new look!

Wow, these updates are pretty neat! I like it! Although I must say that pictures look better at 100% wide on my retina MacBook. But anyways, keep up the good work!
Mikhail Ter


100% wide mode with retina loads a full image, while square loads 1024px pix preview, so i think it's better to show smaller picture by default for retina devices to reduce traffic. Anyway you have a choice to choose your preferred mode 😉
Joao Balseiro

Each time there is an update, Trainspo stays better and more functional! Congratulations to the Trainspo team and for all railfans and spotters! 😉