Uploading FAQ
Mikhail Ter

I have only few upload slots; how do I get more?

You have one upload slot after joining Trainspo. Your number of upload slots will grow when your pictures become "liked". We are not just another website with train photos - we are trying to collect high quality pictures, so please don't upload all the pictures that you have. We want your best-of-the-best pictures, those that you truly like.

Why is my picture not accepted?

We are a community-based moderation website, and every member who has a few "picture of the week" awards can vote to approve or decline new pictures. Every picture needs to pass this process - to receive enough positive votes to be admitted. This democratic process helps to further build Trainspo by accepting only high quality pictures. Providing the ability to vote to those who have uploaded pictures which have been liked by the most members helps maintain the high quality of the Trainspo database.

If your picture has not been accepted for a long time (more than one week), it is best to upload another one if you want to free up your slots. We do not delete unapproved pictures. They remain in your personal gallery

Approved pictures have two states - ok and db. Ok - means the picture was successfully approved. Db means the picture was added to your personal gallery, vehicle gallery, and location gallery - every site gallery except main page. A Db picture cannot compete for the picture of the week award.

Please understand that monumented vehicles (non-moving displays) cannot be placed in the Main Gallery and will be added to the Database and member gallery only. This will prevent duplicate images of a display that differ only by date created.

Why do people vote to reject my picture?

Picture cannot be accepted to the main gallery, if any of these reasons:

1. Vehicle is not well focused.
2. Subject of photo is not well lighted.
3. Picture is under exposed.
4. Picture is over exposed.
5. Picture is over sharpened.
6. Picture has too much digital noise.
7. Vehicle is blocked or partially cut.
8. Bad framing/cropping.
9. Too much software filtering.
10. Picture has huge signature.
11. This vehicle already present on the same day and the same place.
12. No vehicle in the picture.

My picture is not of good quality, but it is historic/unique/important. Please accept it

Please add detailed description about vehicle/event in upload form. You can also add the first comment with a story about the event in the picture to show why it should be added to the database.

What is "Warning! This picture may not be approved as duplicate"?

We do not allow duplicate pictures of the same vehicle in the same place on the same day. Please do not upload the same picture as somebody did earlier. We know that you can travel together with friends and make similar pictures, but it will be good if you can decide in your company who will upload one scene and who will upload another one. It is not good if our main gallery will be consist of duplicate pictures.

I can't edit my picture

After your picture is approved to the Trainspo database, you can edit anything, except operator and class fields - it's locked to prevent moving a picture to the wrong class after adding it to the database. You can edit location, description and date fields anytime. Use the send report link to request a change to vehicle class/operator.

I'm receiving "This image is too small" error

We would like for you to upload only high quality pictures in original resolution. The minimum width for the pictures is 1280 pixels.

My picture was re-sized? I don't want any automatic processing of my image!

Yes, we automatically re-size some images to prevent uploads of huge image files. Our
project is free, but we need to conserve storage space. To avoid automatic re-sizing,
please follow these rules:

1. Your pictures should be between 1280 and 1920 pixels wide, and must be in a horizontal format. No vertically formatted images, please.

2. Your picture file size should be about 1 Mb or less.

Your pictures may be displayed in several different sizes, according to the needs of the page where they will be located.

Some words about rejects

We know it can be frustrating if your photo is not approved. With a moderated site, it is always a possibility that any given photo will not meet the requirements of the persons entrusted to vote on incoming images. Trainspo is a specific community which collects photos of vehicles (locomotives, control cars and powered equipment). Each photo submitted must go through an approval process with members of the voting group. If your picture is not approved, it doesn't mean that it is a bad picture - only that it does not fit in with the general strategy of Trainspo. We are sorry for this, but please, keep on participating, delete unapproved pictures and give us another opportunity to publish your next picture on Trainspo.