Diesel-electric locomotive
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Family: Dash 7
Series: GE C30-7
Build: GE 1976−1986 (1137)
Gauge: 1435 mm
UIC axles: Co'Co'
Prime mover: GE 7FDL-16
Power output: 2200 kW
Source: en.wikipedia.org

flagATSF C30-7Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway14
flagBN C30-7Burlington Northern33
flagFCCA C30-7Ferrocarril Central Andino1
flagHESR C30-7Huron and Eastern Railway1
flagNS C30-7Norfolk Southern Railway1
flagNW C30-7Norfolk and Western Railway1
flagSBD C30-7Seaboard System Railroad1
flagUP C30-7Union Pacific Railroad9


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