Diesel-electric locomotive
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Build: EMD 1939−1949 (1145)
Gauge: 1435 mm
UIC axles: Bo'Bo'
Power output: 750 kW
Source: en.wikipedia.org

flagB&O NW2Baltimore and Ohio Railroad1
flagBN NW2Burlington Northern3
flagCRIP NW2Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad2
flagGMTX NW2GATX Rail Locomotive Group (GMTX)1
flagIHB NW2Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad 2
flagKCS NW2Kansas City Southern Railway4
flagKCS NW2Kansas City Southern Railway0
flagMKT NW2mMissouri-Kansas-Texas1
flagSLSF NW2St. Louis & San Francisco Railway (Frisco)2
flagUP NW2Union Pacific Railroad1