Diesel-electric locomotive
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Series: BR 37
Build: English Electric, RSH
Top speed: 140 km/h
Gauge: 1435 mm
UIC axles: Co'Co'
Length: 18.75 m
Width: 2.71 m
Height: 3.89 m
Power output: 1305 kW
Tractive effort: 245 kN
Source: en.wikipedia.org
Numbering: 37001-37308, 37310-37326

flagBR 37/0British Railways Board5
flagColas Rail 37/0Colas Rail UK6
flagDRS 37/0Direct Rail Services7
flagEWS 37/0English, Welsh and Scottish Railway2
flagHNRC 37/0Harry Needle Railroad Company1
flagMF 37/0Mainline Freight1
flagNVR 37/0Nene Valley Railway1
flagR&S 37/0Riley and Son1
flagWCRC 37/0West Coast Railway Company1


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