Diesel-electric locomotive
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Build: EMD 1976−1982 (310)
Gauge: 1435 mm
UIC axles: Bo'Bo'
Length: 17.12 m
Prime mover: EMD 12-645E
Power output: 1119 kW

flagBAP GP15-1Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway1
flagBN GP15-1Burlington Northern5
flagCFNR GP15-1California Northern Railroad1
flagCNW GP15-1Chicago and North Western Transportation Company1
flagCSXT GP15-1CSX Transportation1
flagGMTX GP15-1GATX Rail Locomotive Group (GMTX)2
flagMP GP15-1Missouri Pacific6
flagNLR GP15-1Northern Lines Railway1
flagSVRR GP15-1Sacramento Valley Railroad1
flagUP GP15-1Union Pacific Railroad4
flagUPY GP15-1Union Pacific Yard5
flagYRC GP15-1York Railway3


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