Diesel-electric locomotive
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Build: EMD 1966−1974 (808)
Gauge: 1435 mm
UIC axles: Bo'Bo'
Length: 13.61 m
Weight: 113 t
Power output: 1119 kW
Source: en.wikipedia.org

flag@private-kr SW1500Private owners group1
flagAB SW1500Akron Barberton Cluster Railway1
flagALS SW1500Alton and Southern Railway2
flagAUAR SW1500Austin Area Terminal Railway1
flagBN SW1500Burlington Northern6
flagBNSF SW1500BNSF Railway1
flagBRC SW1500Belt Railway of Chicago1
flagCEFX SW1500CIT Equipment Finance Corporation3
flagCRIP SW1500Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad1
flagGMTX SW1500GATX Rail Locomotive Group (GMTX)4
flagGWWR SW1500Gateway Western Railway1
flagIC SW1500Illinois Central Railroad1
flagIHB SW1500Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad 1
flagITSX SW1500In-Term Services ConGlobal2
flagKCS SW1500Kansas City Southern Railway8
flagLTEX SW1500LTEX Rail2
flagMKT SW1500Missouri-Kansas-Texas1
flagSBD SW1500Seaboard System Railroad1
flagSOU SW1500Southern Railway1
flagTRRA SW1500Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis1
flagUP SW1500Union Pacific Railroad3
flagWAMX SW1500Webb Asset Management2


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