RTB Cargo 193 791flagWaalhaven Waalhaven

41712 Frankfurt (O) PCC - Pernis @ Vondelingenweg.

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©  Apr 18, 2019






Exposure: 10/8000
Focal length: 20 mm
ISO: 160
Time: 12:39

41712 Frankfurt (O) PCC - Pernis @ Vondelingenweg.

For everyone who forgot they had eyes; the vehicle is not blocked or partially cut, it is fully visible. And if you find a locomotive perfectly centered in the picture badly framed or cropped, you should ask yourself what you are doing. This is a sideshot of the locomotive (not the full train), because the train came from the wrong side for the sun. That means this is the best possible outcome. So please stop voting ridiculous things and become reasonable.
Agreed. There is no requirement on Trainspo that the entire train be visible in the picture, only that the picture must have a vehicle clearly in view and not blocked or cut. This picture completely satisfies that requirement.
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