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Legendary Boat Mail Express with Utkrisht carriages

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©  Oct 6, 2019





Canon EOS 77D

Exposure: 1/100
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 42 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 17:33

Legendary Boat Mail Express with Utkrisht carriages

A dream shot of mine !!! Earlier attempts for such a shot failed as it becomes cloudy by the time this train arrives at this location. But this time luck was in my favour. As the golden hour of sunset starts, Chennai Egmore bound Boat Mail Express crosses to mainland powered by PONMALAI WDG-3A. The Utkrisht carriages added more color to the frame in the golden hue of the setting sun. Utkrisht carriages are old ICF carriages which are refurbished with better interiors with bio-toilets and better lighting.
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