BNSF ES44DC 7845flagKansas City KS Kansas City

BNSF 7845 West arrives at 42nd St. fuel pad for a crew change.

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Exposure: 10/20000
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal length: 85 mm
ISO: 500
Time: 12:38

BNSF 7845 West arrives at 42nd St. fuel pad for a crew change.

Like a pit stop for trains 🙂 How long does it take to service one train?
@Romet.Lyytsepp If well motivated, they can do several locos in 15-30 minutes. Amtrak trains usually take about 10-20 minutes.
@Maersk.146 Ok. Do you know how far can freight train go between servicing?
@Romet.Lyytsepp I suppose it varies according to the amount of fuel in each loco. This one's crew radioed the diesel service facility HQ to ask if they'd be getting filled up and were told no. So that means they would probably have enough to reach Amarillo, TX, or at least Wellington, Kansas. Chicago-KC is about 450 miles and KC-Amarillo is about 500, so maybe they get 1000 miles per tank (5000 Gal.); Five gallons per mile? (My math skills are weak:))
@Maersk.146 Ok thanks. I was just wondering if these intermodals came from California and how many pit stops they have to go through on this journey 🙂
@Romet.Lyytsepp These two started in Chicago, might receive fuel at KC, Amarillo, TX, and Belen, NM, or whenever they need a 500-mile inspection of the train. Chicago-LA is about 2000 miles.
@Maersk.146 Ok 🙃
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