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"Porna Chicken" liveried WAP 7 with Trivandrum Mail

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©  Feb 15, 2020





Canon EOS M50

Exposure: 1/400
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 35 mm
ISO: 125
Time: 09:48

"Porna Chicken" liveried WAP 7 with Trivandrum Mail

storyErode WAP 7 37304 is the first advertising branded loco of Erode ELS under non fare initiative of Salem Division.This is a new scheme formulated by Indian railways.Other well known brands like AMUL ,Goel TMT ,Food manufacturing brand,'Haldirams' have also participated in branding of Electric locomotives ,mainly WAP 7 and WAP 5 class
I immediately remembered how in the late 90s there was EMU ER2 in the Domodedovo depot in Moscow railways with an advertisement for one famous brand at that time. It looked peculiar ...
WAP-7 in this color looks interesting, but it seems to me that the advertisement spoils the impression of the colors of the electric locomotive a bit. 🤷‍♂️
@white.dead I personally like it.The standard livery is really monotonous.A bit of extra color won't hurt does it ?😁
Well, in terms of the variety of colors of locomotives and trains, here I agree. First of all, as a photographer on Russian Railways. In India, one way or another you can find different colors of locomotives (my favorite version of the color scheme on the WAG-7), electric trains and diesel trains of different series. But Russian Railways ... This is one and the same color scheme (corporate color of Russian Railways) 😬 . Red-gray colors and it doesn’t matter on which rolling stock. Electric train, diesel train, locomotives of different series. Especially when this starts to rust and become covered with dirt ... It looks very "life-affirming." 😂 There are private companies that have their own color scheme and this adds at least a little variety.
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