SNCF TGV-R 4503flagGravere Piedmont Gravere

TGV 9241 Paris GdL - Milano P.G. Passing Molino Viaduct

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Canon EOS 7D

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 24 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 11:38

TGV 9241 Paris GdL - Milano P.G. Passing Molino Viaduct

The High Speed EMU TGV-R 4503 as TGV 9241 Paris Gare de Lyon (6:29) - Milano Porta Garibaldi (13:50) passing Molino viaduct near Gravere, on the Turin-Modane alpine railway line. This viaduct is one of the manufacts built in the mid-80s to straighten some streches of the historical railway built in 1871 between the stations of Meana and Chiomonte, that was partly built on unstable terrains and with narrow curves that didn't permits higher speeds. The realization of this project was possible thanks to the activation of the 2nd track of the Railway in 1984, that lies in a nearby tunnel that is less steep than the line here depicted. In fact, the 2nd track is used as ascent for the trains towards Modane.
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