DBSNL 1600 1616flagWouw Wouw

61071 Kijfhoek Zuid - Sloehaven @ Akkerstraat.

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©  Apr 3, 2020






Exposure: 10/8000
Focal length: 35 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 15:23

61071 Kijfhoek Zuid - Sloehaven @ Akkerstraat.

storyAs of april 4, 2020, the three remaining DBSNL 1600 locomotives went out of service. The train on this picture was the final daylight cargo train of the whole series. The 1611, 1615 and 1616 were equipped with the texts "Elke dag wat dichterbij, na 39 jaar trouwe dienst is het dan voorbij" (every day a little closer, after 39 years of loyal service it's over) and "DB Cargo neemt afscheid van de locomotiefserie 1600" (DB Cargo says goodbye to the 1600 series locomotives). The driver of this train had requested the 1616 to come from Beverwijk to haul this train as a final goodbye and was greeted by over 30 photographers along the route (who all held 1,5 meters distance from eachother).
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