AMTK P42DC 42flagFloyd MO Floyd

Amtrak #4 has the Veterans unit, 42, as leader today.

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©  Jun 28, 2020






Exposure: 10/25000
Aperture: f/9
Focal length: 86 mm
ISO: 5000
Time: 08:03

Amtrak #4 has the Veterans unit, 42, as leader today.

Great shot! Veterans unit is a very beautiful color scheme.
Is the frame and the tension wire connected with the measurement of the side overall dimensions?
@white.dead - Yes, this is a shifted-load, dragging-equipment, hot bearing detector, which reports by radio as each train passes through. It's really handy to the fan with a scanner radio, but only from a few miles away. The radio range is not all that great. This detector reported the Amtrak train as: "BNSF Detector, Milepost Four Two Zero Point Seven, Main Two, No defects, Total Axles Thirty Six, Out". I've heard it report other things on freight trains, such as: "...You have a defect..." and "...Train too slow...", but never on Amtrak 🙂 !
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