RZD EP20 009flagStantsiya Dzerzhinsk Stantsiya Dzerzhinsk

train "Strizh" No. 705 Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow

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©  Mar 9, 2020





Canon EOS 6D

Exposure: 1/1000
Aperture: f/5
Focal length: 65 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 16:34

train "Strizh" No. 705 Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow

Why did the incandescent lamps in the searchlight have been replaced with LED? (#067 loco)
@tzhs I should imagine the main drive for LED replacement is that LEDs work a lot cooler than halogen counterparts, and last much much longer. Meaning they don't need to be replaced so often, saving time and money.
The fact is that at first it was LED, but then it became incandescent lamps again
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