DBSDE 193 311flagZevenhuizen Zevenhuizen

Detoured 61602 A'dam Westhaven - Kijfhoek Noord @ Bredeweg.

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©  Jul 22, 2020






Exposure: 10/6400
Focal length: 24 mm
ISO: 160
Time: 17:32

Detoured 61602 A'dam Westhaven - Kijfhoek Noord @ Bredeweg.

storyOn july 22, 2020, DB Cargo hauled an extra ethanol train from Amsterdam to Kijfhoek with the 193 311. Due to railroad works in eastern Amsterdam, the train had to take a detour via Uitgeest and The Hague, but because hazardous liquids aren't allowed in the Rijswijk tunnel, it also had to take a detour via Gouda. A cargo train on the The Hague - Gouda line is extremely rare, over the past few years it only happened about 4 times. This was also the first time a Vectron was recorded on this line. Sadly, it passed my hometown late in the afternoon which meant the sun position was wrong and a "normal" sunny picture wasn't possible, but the train had to stop for a red light so I had time to take some side pictures from the side from the Bredeweg. This way it still looked very nice. Half an hour later I was able to catch the train again on the Gouda - Rotterdam line.
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