KPT T3SUCS 5604flagTroyeshchyna-II Troyeshchyna-II

Tatra T3SUCS #5604 going on Onore de Balzak street

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©  Dec 26, 2020






Exposure: 10/4000
Focal length: 58 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 11:09

Tatra T3SUCS #5604 going on Onore de Balzak street

Behind can see Saint Trinity Orthodox church which was build between 1991-1996 years in Cossack/Ukrainan baroque style. This temple is belong to Russian orthodox church in Ukraine. Maybe it's was first church in Kyiv which was built more than after the 70 years of Bolsheviks/Communist atheist power. Which destroyed many historical churches and persecuted Christians in USSR...
Magnificent! I am glad to see such a beautiful structure rebuilt. Nice tram, too!
Thank you Maersk.146. Such architecture style was common in centeral, northern and eastern part of Ukraine, which than was a part of Ukrainan state - Hetmanate. Mostly churches in this style was bulit from XVII to XVIII centuries.
Beautiful shot!
Illia.Obuhov.52 thank you!
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