NS C44-9W 9752flagKansas City MO Kansas City

NS 9752 West powers a BNSF mixed freight at KCUS.

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©  Apr 30, 2021






Exposure: 10/1000
Aperture: f/4
Focal length: 28 mm
ISO: 20000
Time: 03:10

NS 9752 West powers a BNSF mixed freight at KCUS.

storyMeanwhile, sitting in KCUS Track 30 is a new Amtrak Acela train-set (#2100), returning to the North East Corridor after being tested at the Federal Railroad Administration's Transportation Test Center near Pueblo, Colorado, for several months. Amtrak P42 174 is tacked on at the rear end of the move to provide red markers, but is otherwise running in idle only, as Amtrak does not have DPU capability in the P42 fleet. AMTK 169 is leading at the other end. The Acela train will have its interior completed and receive finishing touches to the paint job when it arrives back at Alstom's factory at Hornell, New York.
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