NS SD70ACe 1192flagKansas City MO Kansas City

NS 1192 arrives at MAC for some body work after a mishap.

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Exposure: 10/25000
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal length: 122 mm
ISO: 2000
Time: 15:52

NS 1192 arrives at MAC for some body work after a mishap.

It must have fallen on its side and seriously dragged along the ground. However, no serious damage is noticeable. What exactly happened?
At this time I have not heard the cause of the mishap, or even where it occurred. I'll update this picture when and if I do learn of it...
Last winter (late 2020, early 2021 maybe) this was the leader on a BNSF train on UP track in Texas when contractors switching a plant overran a signal and into the foul of the main track. PTC put the BNSF train in emergency but obviously not fast enough, they were too close when the other move entered the circuit so it was too late. Once the two trains collided this engine was on its side in the ditch.

I brought this into Argentine from Ark City, it was strange to see in the mirror all day.
Thanks for that info! Wild, scary ride for the crew. Hopefully all survived?
@Maersk.146 Yes, all survived, I believe they received minor to moderate injuries. The other train that was struck was the rear end of the move so the locomotive on the contractor's "train" wasn't affected.
Thanks for that info!
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