FLP Be 4/12 23flagPonte Tresa Ponte Tresa

Greetings back to the very unfriendly train driver!

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©  Jun 26, 2020






Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/7.1
Focal length: 45 mm
ISO: 250
Time: 11:45
GPS: 45.9705 8.8627
810K 1623x1080

Greetings back to the very unfriendly train driver!

Unfriendly driver on a smiley train! What a paradox!
Very pretty train! Sometimes there are unfriendly drivers.
@Ilia.Obuhov.52, unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye because the new rollingstock is getting delivered. see https://nuovitreni.flpsa.ch/index/en/timing/
@ililo23 When the train passed over the road crossing, all traffic lights turned red, and I was standing in front of waiting cars. The driver pulled down the curtain, yelled out of the window, and pointed the middle finger towards me. He crossed blind the busy road crossing! Such an idiot...
@yannik What a bad-mannered driver! At the end he made you a favour by pulling down the curtain! He didn't deserve appearing on the photo...
@ililo23 yes 😆
Maybe he was worried about being seen online by his ex, who would know that he COULD pay his child support after all… 🤫
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