UP SD70M 5107flagDenver CO Denver

38th Street Yard, Denver

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©  Sep 29, 2021





iPhone 12 Pro Max

Exposure: 1/377
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal length: 7.5 mm
ISO: 20
Time: 84:50
GPS: 39.7717 -104.9731
1213K 1920x1440

38th Street Yard, Denver

storyRocky Mountaineer applied their logo wrap to Union Pacific 5107 and 5105 in September 2021. UP 5107 was next to Rocky Mountaineer outbound train at UP's 36th Street Yard, Denver, Colorado, USA, 29 September 2021. Passengers are bussed from Denver Union Station to this location to load and depart Denver - The Mile High City. More trips were scheduled into November 2021. The Rockies to the Red Rocks excursion train will resume operation in April 2022.
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