BNSF C44-9W 4056flagKansas City MO Kansas City

BNSF 4056 East appears to have the edge over a UP grain train...

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©  Oct 11, 2021






Exposure: 10/12500
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal length: 380 mm
ISO: 3200
Time: 11:09

BNSF 4056 East appears to have the edge over a UP grain train...

Very nice! I like it!
Thank you, my friend!
Only the second time in many years I've been able to capture this action here, both trains are moving eastward. Though it looks like BNSF 4056 will win the race, just up ahead he will have to stop for a signal while the UP 5998 quickly overtakes him, as decreed by the Fates at the KCT Dispatching Center.
D850 seems to have good AF system, because it is not fooled by strong headlights and first locomotive is still nice and sharp.
Right you are. The D850 (and the D750 in my experience) are both very good about not being fooled by bright headlights while in AF. Given its faster processor, I am less than overwhelmed with D850 follow-focus performance compared to the D750. In 3D-Continuous, the focus indicator jumps all over the place instead of locking onto the subject as selected. The rest of the D850 features are excellent, however.
@Maersk.146 Yeah I would also use manual everything just in case for this kind of shot. Strong headlights are not good for photographers, as they often fool camera automatics. But as a train driver, I wish that European trains had also so powerful bulbs 😁 But unfortunately that's not the case..
If they are still the same, US loco headlights are powered at 64 volts - very intense. Much more so than pathetic automotive 12 volt systems. 🙂
@Maersk.146 Our Stadlers have 24V bulbs, but giving very weak light, build for commuter service, but we use them aslo for longer services. So driving in the middle of dark forest it is difficult to see anything.
Our GE locos have same kind of strong headlights as seen on this picture, but overall on 1520mm railways they don't use ditch lights at all, only center headlight. Lower lights are weak and used only for signalling purposes.
US railroads used to have only the cab or nose headlights, but at some point in the 90's the US Federal Railroad Administration mandated ditch lights like the Canadian railroads have had for years. The triangle of lights really does get the attention of motorists (who then drive in front of the train anyway!).
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