SNCF TGV RD 616flagLes Angles Les Angles

TGV slowing down to wait for free track at Avignon station

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©  Jul 22, 2021






Exposure: 1/3200
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 130 mm
ISO: 800
Time: 15:20

TGV slowing down to wait for free track at Avignon station

Nice! Amazing track profile. Any guess as to percent grade here?
For high-speed rail in EU, following gradients are applied:
- 3.5% for dedicated high-speed lines with homogeneous high-speed traffic. That restricts traffic of other type of rolling stock, for example freight or regional trains;
- 2.5% for lines with mixed traffic - including freight, regional etc.

In EU currently only in France high-speed network gradients higher than 2.5% is introduced while designing new lines, according to my knowledge. In other countries, gradients are kept lower in order to integrate with train traffic on conventional network.
As exception, 4.0% was used on Cologne-Frankfurt - that means for example old rolling stock (ICE 1, ICE 2) are not permitted to use.
I am not aware what is the gradient on that specific location, but it could be up to 3.5%.
Osm capture broo
Thanks! That's impressive engineering, to say the least.
Cheers! 🙂 I agree that new high-speed lines are extremely impressive
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