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Tallinn to Pärnu service

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©  Aug 15, 2011





Scanned with a SP-1500

Tallinn to Pärnu service

I think these film shots would nicely fit even the main gallery, don't they?
@Sergey.Kucherov Well, some better shots with direct sunlight I have put to main gallery. Others that in my opinion are not that good I uploaded as db. Considering that I took these photos with Zenit on cheap Superia 200 film, then I don't think most of them will compete with modern digital images.
In my opinion imperfection of the film images is what makes them attractive. 😉
There is nothing wrong with this image that would make it unsuitable for the main gallery.
@tanelifoto @rl
Well, thanks! Then moderators can add this photo to main gallery, if they so choose
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