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Detoured 13423 Amsterdam C - Kaldenkirchen @ Spoorlaan.

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©  Feb 19, 2022






Exposure: 10/5000
Focal length: 32 mm
ISO: 320
Time: 13:47

Detoured 13423 Amsterdam C - Kaldenkirchen @ Spoorlaan.

@Ilia.Obuhov.52 Thank you but I'm going to have to disagree, the sun just went behind a veil cloud which made the light a lot less good.
I don't think that the clouds are over lighted, there is soft lighting.
@Ilia.Obuhov.52 I never said anything about the clouds being over lighted, I only say that the picture will never be perfect in my eyes if there is no sun.
I see. In my mind sun are not key to perfect photo. Here I watch good composition with train, contrast colours: juicy green, grey, beige, soft not dark clouds. That's perfect.
@Ilia.Obuhov.52 If I compare the picture to other clouded pictures, I do think the sky is a little too purple/pink, because of the edit. The screen I edit on has a slightly different shading than the screen I use to browse.
I watched the photo by phone. Now I've just look from another device. I agree with you that something little wrong purple/pink colors but not critical. I else would say that the photo is well contrasted including clouds and nice to look at.
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