MÁV 406 001flagSzeged Vasutallomas Szeged Vasutallomas

Hungary's first tram-train at Szeged train station

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©  Jan 22, 2022






Exposure: 1/351
Aperture: f/2
Focal length: 5.9 mm
ISO: 25
Time: 09:29
GPS: 46.2399 20.1427
524K 1398x948

Hungary's first tram-train at Szeged train station

DEMU, Diesel Electric?
@Kempy72 Yes, it's a hybrid tram-train. You may check this video:
Thanks for that. Is the Diesel engine just for around depots etc or can it be used between destinations?
@Kempy72 Can be used between destinations. In this case between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely, only the downtown sections are electrified (which are basically tram lines). The purpose of this vehicle is to provide a transfer-free connection between heavy rail and urban light rail (tram).
Right, interesting: Newcastle in Australia had a combination of overhead and battery but we’re finding they couldn’t charge quick enough at stops!
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