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Waiting a signal into Lodji Gandrung

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©  Feb 20, 2011






Exposure: 1/200
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal length: 5 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 10:53

Waiting a signal into Lodji Gandrung

storyBought by Solo City government, Joko Widodo, this Railbus is for new train for Solo-Wonogiri track that not only for passenger but also tour for other people. This set contain 3 wagon which the first wagon is for engine, driver, passenger and the second (in the middle) for passenger only, and the third is for passenger and driver. The engine is same as KRDE so this railbus has Diesel-Electric transmission. This railbus originally made from INKA, Indonesia.

Actually there are another Railbus in South Sumatera area which called railbus Kertalaya. But the railbus different with this one because that railbus was the first railbus which INKA made.

This railbus made several testing due to technical problem so many request from mr. Joko Widodo. But after several month testing in INKA and Solo-Madiun track this railbus finally made Grand Opening in Lodji Gandrung (Place where there are big street in the front and railway in the side like tramway) but after Grand Opening the railbus was sent back into INKA because Mr. Joko Widodo made same request again.

p.s. : I was there in Grand Opening and i so wet because it's rainy outside and i can't go inside Raibus but fortunately i can go inside Railbus after some negotiation with INKA mechanical :p
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