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Prototype of new dual-voltage loco EP20. EXPO1520-2011

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©  Sep 7, 2011





Canon EOS 50D

Exposure: 1/2000
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 50 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 15:08

Prototype of new dual-voltage loco EP20. EXPO1520-2011

Nice loco!
Nice livery....
Why dual voltage ?
Какво ще рече надписа "24 вагона" над десния фар ?
To Jayasankar Madhavadas:
There're 2 electrification systems in Russia: 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz AC. This loco is able to use both of them, so it will allow to reduce the time of journey, as there will be no more need in long stops (about 30 minutes) on the stations where AC loco is changed to DC and vice versa.
To Krassen Panev:
"24 вагона" means that the loco is able to heat 24 passenger coaches. But it's not the limit of coaches it can haul.
@ Yuri Zhuck , Thanks for the info . Here in India too we have the same system around Mumbai Region ( WR and CR) but being made to single system shortly. Doing away with DC.
Such plans were considered in Russia, but they were proved inefficient and expensive
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