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Exposure: 1/1250
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 28 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 11:59

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Greater Anglia train 2C16 Norwich to Great Yarmouth accelerating out from Reedham station under diesel power.

Video of these trains:
This image is perfect example why UK railways loading gauge is so small - most bridges and tunnels are really old and build for smaller trains of that era. Thus trains in UK are much more narrower and lower than those of mainland Europe. To compensate this they are usually quite long - not this train pictured here, but for example intercity Flirt class 745 has 12 cars, longest Flirts anywhere as far as I know.
@rl - Excellent video! Really well illustrates the on-board features and facilities. Amazing, too, that you had the whole train to yourself for such a distance. Maybe you chartered it for the purpose of the video 🙂 ?
@Maersk.146 Thanks! Haha, but unfortunately I did not! These were off peak trains actually, first train was early morning and second just after rush hour. However diesel trains were quite full, so I only got few interior clips of those. But they are almost identical, except these have long narrow power pack section separated with sliding doors.
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