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Eurostar e300 high-speed train along High Speed 1

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©  Aug 14, 2022






Exposure: 1/5000
Aperture: f/4
Focal length: 50 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 12:09

Eurostar e300 high-speed train along High Speed 1

Nice picture, good to see old TGV in service
@Kees Thanks, nice to see it indeed
I love these e300 sets and the noise when travelling at high speed. Really nice photo!
The carriages are small, like those of the Talgo train.
@da.martos92 Thanks! They're pretty neat and unique trains for sure. There are only 8 refurbished e300 sets that are kept in service. Not sure how long these will last.
@alex26 Yeah they are small, built to fit in UK's loading gauge. During first years of operation, Eurostar trains ran on regional lines between Channel Tunnel and London, collecting current from third rail. It was only 2007 when High Speed 1 line with St Pancras terminal was fully operational. HS1 is built with mainland Europe's bigger loading gauge. That's why e320 trains are "normal" size, but cannot run anywhere outside High Speed 1 in UK.
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