IR YDM-4 6565flagVisavadar Gujarāt Visavadar

YDM-4s 6565 and 6557 at Visavdar Junction.

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©  Mar 11, 2023





Canon EOS 1300D

Exposure: 1/400
Aperture: f/9
Focal length: 46 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 09:10

YDM-4s 6565 and 6557 at Visavdar Junction.

Seen here are the two YDM-4s 6565 and 6557 at Visavdar Junction in the Saurashtra Metre Gauge section. 6565 was with Junagadh-Delvada service and 6557 came with Amreli-Junagadh service. The Delvada bound train waited at Visavdar till the train from Amreli arrived,so as to provide a connecting option to Delvada side for the people coming from Amreli side. The Delvada train departed as soon as 6557 finished its reversal.
Nice! Will these lines also be electrified eventually?
@Maersk.146 These lines being the metre gauge ones, will not get electrified. They will be first converted to Broad Gauge lines, and later electrified..
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