ČD 810 191-7flagHorni Bludovice Horni Bludovice

DMU 810 operates route, vanished by flood in 2009.

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©  Aug 18, 2007






Exposure: 25/10000
Focal length: 50 mm
Time: 18:48

DMU 810 operates route, vanished by flood in 2009.

Brilliant shot! Peaceful rural landscape and the railcar are in full harmony
Thanks man. This route was one of my favourites, before the flood ends it´s life... There are only two railcars in this livery, the rest has classic red colour with wide "elephant-bone" coloured stripe, ot today´s livery of ČD, called "Najbrt."
The line wasn't rebuilt after the flood?
No. Owner of the infrastrucure decide to cancel the service, because this route wasn´t used by passengers enough. It´s a shame... There was too many nice views, no matter it was only few kilometers long!
Welcome to Trainspo! I'm very happy to see your wonderfull photos here!
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