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Train of former OKD Doprava on its way to Ostrava.

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©  Apr 21, 2007






Exposure: 125/100000
Focal length: 50 mm
Time: 17:09

Train of former OKD Doprava on its way to Ostrava.

Great shot 😉
I love these locos <3
Class 752.6 was built originally for Italian customer, but they desiced to not buy them, so our biggest private freight operator took an advantage of this. 752.6 has engine from czech class 771, instead of gogglers 753.7 with CAT DITA family engines.
@EightyFour I'm trying to find any info about exact new prime mover and any other technical changes during modernisation. Can you help with some urls?
@ter Of course. What kind of information you need?
@EightyFour I know that it was converted by ČMKS from 753 (total 4 units), with K6 S310 DR engines in 2004. If any other changes from original 753?
@ter 753 was original class for all rebuilds (former T478.3), Some of them were converted to 750 by changing steam heating to electric one. For private users was possibility of 753.7 (Caterpillar E-Dita) or 752.6 (K6 S310 DR from class 771 - ex T669.1). Some of it were sold to Italy and also 752.6 were intented to, but Itaian customer decides to reject the contract, so former OKD Doprava (now it´s AWT) bought´em. Maximum speed is the same and also the drivers booth is just like in 753.7.
@EightyFour perfect, thanks!
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