NSI 1700 1745flagTerschuur Terschuur

NS 1745 passing Terschuur towards Amsterdam

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©  May 17, 2023





Canon EOS R

Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 50 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 16:59

NS 1745 passing Terschuur towards Amsterdam

storyThe last few weeks of the 1700 series loco’s in service with the NS have begun. Within the next few weeks modern Siemens Vectron locomotives will start taking over the Amsterdam - Berlin intercity service. Although officially the vectrons will take over at the start of the 2024 timetable, the new locomotives will gradually be introduced during the first few weeks of the summer of 2023. With that the old 1700 loco’s will disappear.

Luckily I have made quite a few pictures of the Amsterdam - Berlin intercity trains throughout the years. However, during the past few months I’ve been checking on some additional spots I would like to make pictures at using my pole. After scouting I still listed 3 locations. One of those locations would be possible during the afternoon and is located quite close to work.

On a sunny wednesday I didn’t have too much things to do at work. Even so I worked hard and eventually left 5 minutes early in order to make the train to Barneveld. From there on I would have to Terschuur and have 10 minutes to get my pole and camera ready. However, when I arrived in Barneveld I noticed the IC from Berlin to Amsterdam I wanted to get on picture was almost an hour delayed. So I had some time to get some sushi for dinner and head for Terschuur at a rather slow speed.

After waiting a while, having had enough time to get my equipment ready, the IC to Amsterdam finally passed. This one was hauled by the 1745, which is actually covered in graffiti. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop the loco was digitally cleaned.
is it going to be sold to 1700 private carriers or will most/all be scrapped?
@LevPavliuk96 that is still unknown.
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