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At "C.E.T. Vest - Militari" Terminus, line 47.

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At "C.E.T. Vest - Militari" Terminus, line 47.

Tatra T4R
Builder: CKD Prague, Czechoslovakia
Gauge: 1435 mm (for Bucharest, Brăila, Galaţi) / 1000 mm (for Arad and Iaşi)
Network voltage: 750 V D.C. / 600 V D.C. (in Bucharest 750 V D.C.)
Years: 1973-1981 (for Bucharest 1973-1975)
Units built: 320 (130 for Bucharest)
Length over buffers: 15200 mm
Length of the body: 14000 mm
Width: 2200 mm
Height: 3063 mm
Wheelbase: 6400 mm
Wheelbase of the bogie: 1900 mm
Seats: 20 - 23
Standing passengers: 125
Motors: 4 x TE022B with forced ventilation, rated power 40kW for each motor, total power of a T4R motor car 160 kW
Transmision: each motor is coupled to one axle via a cardan shaft
Drive: Rheostatic, with a 99-steps accelerator
Maximum speed recomanded: 65 km/h
Multiple comand: 2 units (there were tests for 3 and 4 units, but never used in this composition due to high energy consumption)
Brakes: electric (rheostatic), electromagnetic (emergency brake) and mechanic (parking brake)
Primary suspension (axle suspension): none
Secondary suspension (bogie suspension): 2 double coil springs on each bogie
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