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INTERNAC 89341 -Terminal de Merc. da Bobadela / Vilar Formoso

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©  Nov 13, 2011






Exposure: 10/4000
Focal length: 42 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 13:24

INTERNAC 89341 -Terminal de Merc. da Bobadela / Vilar Formoso

Experimental train between Portgual and Germany provided by DB Schenker Portugal. Traction was powerd by CP in Portugal, Renfe in Spain and DB in France/Germany. The purpose was to test freight/component/car movment for VW factory (Autoeuropa) in Palmela (Portugal)to other VW group plants in Germany. DB Schenker Portugal is also trying to offer intermodal transport for general freight by rail to the northen of Portugal
And what about the gauge changing?
Mikhail, These Transfesa wagons were used before on the "Channel Tunnel Express" between Spain (Ford Factory) and the UK. I am not 100% how they deal the gauge changing, but i am prety shure its something like this:http://www.foudurail.org/vo/cerbere3.html (See hole pages) . Transfesa (DB Group company)has a large wagon park with exchangeble wagons.
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