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Inside "Militari" Yard.

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Inside "Militari" Yard.

IVA Subway train - Built by Întreprinderea de Vagoane Arad (now Astra Arad), between 1978 and 1995
Units: over 250
Each unit is formed by 2 motor cars, with letters A and B. The A car has a pantograph.
Axle formula: B'B' + B'B'
Gauge: 1435 mm
Mounted axle gauge: 1426 mm
Bogie weelbase: 2200 mm
Wheel diameter: 900 mm (new) / 820 mm (minimum); the weels are monoblock
Weight of an empty car: 36 tonnes
Transport capacity (for a car): 200 passengers (at 5 passengers per square m) / 300 passenger (at 8 pass. per sq. m)
Length of the car's body: 18600 mm
Lenght of the whole train, over buffers: 38000 mm
Width: 3100 mm
Maximum height: 3450 mm
Height of the floor: 1165 mm
Wheelbase of the car: 12300 mm
Number of electric motors: 4 (2 on each car, each motor drives 2 axles)
One-hour duration power of an electric motor: 215 kW /
Continuou power of an e.m.: 185 kW
One-hour duration current and rotation: 310A, 1270 rpm
Transission ratio: 5.38
Max. working speed: 80 km/h - this is the max. speed of our subway network
Max. constructive speed: 100 km/h
Min. curve radius: 150m
Max. acceleration: 1.35 m/s^2
Average deceleration: 1.20 m/s^2
Min. deceleration guaranted at max. load at emergency brake: 0.9 m/s^2
Max. noise level inside the car: 82 dB

Bogie: 2-axle, with one motor, 3 out of 4 bogies are fited with current colector for the 3rd rail
Primary suspenssion: Megy rubber springs
Secondary suspenssion: pneumatic
Brakes: electric brake (rheostatic), indirrect pneumatic brake with disks, mecanic parking brake

Multiple operation: 2 or 3 units coupled (this mean trains formed from 4 or 6 cars)

Voltage: 750 V D.C. from 3rd rail (in yard an overhead wire can be used, but max. speed is limited at 15 km/h due to the high amperage needed)
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