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morning in tanjung karang station

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Exposure: 1/250
Focal length: 20 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 09:12

morning in tanjung karang station

Factory : General Electric
Model : U15A1A


Susunan roda AAR : A1A-A1A
Klasifikasi UIC : 0-6-6-0
Gauge : 1.067 mm
Lenght : 14134 mm
Wide : 2642 mm
Weight : 76 ton
Traction Motor : 4 pcs
Maximum Speed : 90 km/jam
Power : 1380 HP

Source : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/BB203
Builder By General Electric, USA
sorry sir, is the model U15A1A or U18A1A ?
when i was read from source of this loco, is U15A1A model, i think this loco is U18A1A.
But this class has same spefication with CC 201 so it must be U18A1A
storyA modification from KAI class CC 201 with modified the number of traction motor so each bogie has 2 motor only (CC 201 has 3 motor each bogie) so the wheel configuration si A1A-A1A. This class was bought fresh from GE, Erie, PA, USA. Indonesia bought BB 203 from South Sumatra and north coast of Java Island because at that time the weight of that track cannot be passed by CC 201 class. So BB 203's weight is lighter than CC 201 and of course the power is weaker than CC 201.

But after several years, some tracks in north coast of Java island have been repaired so that tracks can be passed by CC 201 class. After that some of BB 203 class mas modified into CC 201 class by adding one traction motor in each bogie so the wheel configuration changed into Co-Co class. The modification took place in Pengok Locomotive work. The BB 203s class in sumatra was modified too into CC 201 class and took place in Lahat work. All BB 203 class in Java Island modified into CC 201 class so there are no more BB 203 class in Java but not all BB 203 in sumatra modified into CC 201. Because of that, now BB 203 class can be found in South Sumatra area like in this photo.
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