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"Arctic Express" to remove snow.

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"Arctic Express" to remove snow.

Type: PZH 95 (Plug de Zăpadă Hidraulic 950 cp = Hydraulical Snow-Plough 950 HP)
Builder: Uzinele 23 August Bucureşti (now Faur SA)
Years of build: 1983 - 1988
Units built: 11 (94-0006 -> 94-0015)
Axle formula: B'-2'
Engine: MB 820 Bb, 950 HP @ 1500 rpm
Hydraulic transmission: TH2-CF-p, enetering power 800 HP, 1500 rpm
Weight: 74 t
Max. weight on axle: 18,5 t
Length between the buffers: 14100 mm
Max. width: 3100 mm
Max. height: 4363 mm
Wheel's diameter: 1000 mm
Fuel tank: 3450 l
Max. speed: 80 km/h
Max. speed on heavy duty: 50 km/h
Min. rated speed: 10 km/h
Max. capacity of removing snow: 30.000 t / hour
Max. width of the snow that can be removed: 3100 / 3650 mm
Max. height of the snow that can be removed: 4500 mm
Max. tractive effort: 123 kN
Diameter of the snowfighting wheel: 3000 mm
Max. speed of the snowfighting wheel: 60 rpm
i will like to see this in action 😄 nice photo !
From what I understood, they need that thing at the moment !
storyThe railway traffic in the South of Romania was almost closed... linies 700 Bucureşti - Urziceni and 800 Bucureşti - Feteşti are still closed at this moment, even if the blizzard stopped yesterday. The main problem is with the switches... the heating devices are broken / stolen or there are manual swithces, so they preffered to close the lines.
To remove snow, a smaller, normal (not rotary) snow-plough is enough... but almost all these equipments are not able to be used, because they need revision. The auction for revision was taken in December... so they will be ready for action in March 🙂 And the revision is valid 6 months, so in the winter they won't be able to work. In December they'd make another auction and so on.
keep us informed, it's very interesting i'm still impressed on your winter shots in 2010! 🙂
While in the South of Romania is snowing here in the West is raining ! 😞
I wish I could take some winter shots.
Very interesting vehicle!
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