FCC FIAT 2125flagHavana Central Havana Central

FIAT railcar at Havana Central station

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©  Apr 2, 2012





Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

Exposure: 1/400
Aperture: f/4
Focal length: 9.629 mm
ISO: 80
Time: 22:04

FIAT railcar at Havana Central station

storyAccording to Blog de Camilo Venegas, these FIAT railcars, quite rare nowadays, are nicknamed "Colmillo Blanco" - "White Fang" after Jack London's novel, which was very famous that days. The reason for such a nickname was in frequent failures of air conditioning systems that resulted in very low temperature on board. People assotiated these conditions with snowy and icy landscapes described by great author in his novel.
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