RZD EP20 002flagRizhskiy vokzal Rizhskiy vokzal

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©  Apr 27, 2012






Exposure: 1/1000
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 30 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 11:18
GPS: 55.7944 37.6321
1140K 1920x1275

No description

Is it in Museum??? Is there a new exposition?
It was a short three-days exhibition at the station, not in museum. New Sinara's hybrid loco was presented, and some more novelties were exhibited as well. Now it's all over
Thanks. And no any information offcourse ((.
Do you have any exhibition this year?
Do you have any rail festival in Russia?
@ef651059 Regular bi-annual rail fair EXPO-1520 takes place this September, please visit http://expo1520.ru/2015/en/ for additional information. Other occasions, such as this one, are usually not advertised, so you are unable to know in advance if something is going to happen.
Thank you for wonderful information. I think about trip to Moscow.
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