VLI BB40-2 8150flagAraguari Araguari

BB40-2 #8150 + 8130 at the loading "pear" in Araguari MG

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©  Apr 3, 2012






Exposure: 10/2500
Focal length: 4.7 mm
ISO: 80
Time: 12:30

BB40-2 #8150 + 8130 at the loading "pear" in Araguari MG

storyIn 2012 a semi-continuous loading installation was opened just outside Araguari MG - in railway parlance this station is called Brejo Alegre. Here a pear-shaped line enters the facility and passes under the lading silos where cars are loaded with (principally) soy-bean for export via the port of Tubarão ES. The line is metre gauge and a normal train is composed of 90 cars of 100 ton each and 3 pairs of locomotives in distributed traction, although the short train in the photo only had 2 locomotives.
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