DBSDE 151 xxxflagWiltingen Rhineland-Palatinate Wiltingen

Loaded iron ore train towards the Dillingen steel mill.

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©  Aug 4, 2007






Exposure: 10/2500
Focal length: 21.8 mm
ISO: 160
Time: 13:29

Loaded iron ore train towards the Dillingen steel mill.

That's more likely to be iron ore...
Thank's for your comment ! Infact in 5 years picturing these trains I never thought about ore, only coal. Only sometimes wondering that these wagons were not filled up to top, as coal trains (or coke, which is lighter) mostly are.
This should be coal/coke: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=251930&nseq=38
Yes, that's a nice comparison. Most of the iron ore trains were pulled (and maybe still are) by BR 151 with automatic couples, as I've seen on Youtube, now most of them are replaced by BR 189. Nice one with the "black bird" too.
nice picture, this is indeed an iron ore train which is travelling from Venlo to Dillingen. They used to be pulled by Br151's but since 2011 they are pulled by Br189's from Rotterdam to Dillingen via the Betuweroute.
There are still iron ore trains from Hamburg to Dillingen, but this one has 38 cars, so it's from Rotterdam. Nice shot!
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