BTEG CKD4B 004flagArshaant station Arshaant station

Near Arshaant station.

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©  Jul 12, 2011





Canon EOS Kiss X4

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/5.7
Focal length: 55 mm
ISO: 125
Time: 11:57

Near Arshaant station.

In Mongolia:
UBTZ - Ulaanbaatar railway
MTZ - Mongolian railway
BTEG-RW - Bold tumur eroo gol railway
ERRW - Energy resourse railway
What is the difference between UBTZ and MTZ? It is written everywhere, that UBTZ and MTZ is the same company, named in different ways.
http://trainpix.org/vehicle/38238/#n6174 says that it owned by UBTZ

Maybe MTZ maintaining all infrastructure while UBTZ owning rolling stocks and passenger/freight operations?

This one is really owned not by UBTZ, but by BTEG and is used on its private line.
UBTZ- Mongolian and Russian joint stock company.
MTZ- Mongolian railway company. (new since 2009)
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