Bulk cement train empties departing for Hyundai cement factory

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Exposure: 1/100
Focal length: 37.5 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 13:28

Bulk cement train empties departing for Hyundai cement factory

Hyundai Cement Manufacturing Co, Yeongweol plant - Hyundai-EMD GT22CW-2 B/n _____ B/d _/91 - 1435 mm gauge. Works bulk cement traffic over a 5.5 km spur line between the HCM cement works at Sincheon to the interchange at Ipseok km 31 on the Korail Taebaek Line near Jecheon.
This locomotive GT22CW-2 no.....
Thank you for your comment. Here we have the key to the description:

G - General purpose (Hood unit with side walkways);
T - Turbocharged diesel engine;
22 - 12 cylinders [+ 10 to designate the 645E-series engine];
C - three powered axles per each Flexicoil truck [Co-Co];
W - [wide gauge] D77-series traction motors (which will only fit axle widths 1435 mm gauge and above);
-2 - Use of the wide underframe, and certain mechanical and electrical fitments.

As far as can be determined, this is the only GT22CW or GT22CW-2 built in Korea for domestic use, but the Hyundai builder's number series records are not fully recorded. If further information is available, this author would be pleased to see this.

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