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Passenger train nr. 4101 Caíde --> Régua

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©  Sep 2, 2010





WB5000/HZ25W ..

Exposure: 1/160
Focal length: 9.2 mm
ISO: 64
Time: 08:16

Passenger train nr. 4101 Caíde --> Régua

The first train of the day, whose destination was Régua station. This train stopped in Oliveira, Vila Meã, Livração, Marco de Canaveses, Juncal, Pala, Mosteirô, Aregos, Mirão, Ermida, Porto de Rei, Barqueiros, Rede, Caldas de Moledo, Godim and Régua...
Must be an old photo? Thought we were on yellow plastic Spanish units on Douro now?
Yes, this picture is old, was taken in September of 2010. Great times, when had DMUs 0600/50 in passenger trains, special trains like "Amendoeiras" and "Vindimas" with EE 1400 and Sorefame and freight trains with EE 1400 or with Class 1960....
Unfortunately, in December of 2010, the railcars 592 rented at Spain, start to operate in Douro Line (and later in Minho Line). DMUs 0600/50 started being to withdraw very slowly 😞
It is a shame. We had a great run to the top of the Douro in the cab of one.I was upset because I had hoped for a 1400. The next day we had a 1400!!
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