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Exposure: 10/8000
Focal length: 26 mm
Time: 12:07

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Is that a Renault 12 estate in the foreground ?
Thank you very much for your post Dragos, in the UK this car was sold as a Renault 12. I had no idea that they were being made and sold in Romania. Very interesting!
They were made in Romania under Renault licence... the Dacia 1310 was exported to Hungary, North Korea, Irak (and some other communist countries), India... but not into the Western Europe, where Renault was selling the original. Dacia built this car with few design modification from 1969 to 2004. This is a car that, ussually, the driver fix it himself/herself.
A sound idea, in the UK Dacia are making a return with the Sandero and Duster. In the hard economic times we are in at the moment , the Dacia could sell well. After all, it's a Renault underneath .
Yes, Dacia was eventually bought by Renault. Unfortunatelly, most Romanians think at it as beeing ,,too cheep", so the sales are going down 😞 Yet, I still hope to buy a new Logan sometimes... it cost 7000 EUR, my sallary is 150 EUR... so if I don't eat for 4 years I'll have one. But we have a very bad traffic in Bucharest, so going to work by bycicle will still be the best choice for the next years.
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