IR WAG-9 31022flagNew Delhi NCT New Delhi

31022 "Navyug" moves towards Safdarjung railway station.

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©  May 11, 2013





31022 "Navyug" moves towards Safdarjung railway station.

Gud shot
What is that weird blurry spot at the left part of the pic?
Added little bit of Gaussian Blur in the background to make it look good.
The spot border is too sharp and shows off much, especially in trees area. Surely it's not a way to reproduce real DOF-effect and maybe it would be a better idea to reupload the photo without this artificial blur - it's great otherwise.
ohhh ok thanks for the suggestion. i`ll surely upload the original version without "artificial" blur. Appreciate it.
Yes I agree - It is not a good idea to process photos like that..
already uploaded the original version. & reported to remove this one. Now waiting for the moderator(s) to remove it.
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