FS E424 049flagO.M.R. Taranto Apulia O.M.R. Taranto

during 1st "Porte Aperte" (open doors) of Taranto depot.

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©  Oct 14, 2007





Canon PowerShot A530

Exposure: 1/400
Aperture: f/2.6
Focal length: 5.8 mm
Time: 15:59

during 1st "Porte Aperte" (open doors) of Taranto depot.

Nice loc!
Some units of the class E424 have been preserved for historical purposes; one of these is the unit 049.

The locomotive has been converted from the last shuttle service to the appearance of origin, with restoration of the two gates on the sides and the historical colors "Castano-Isabella" by ATSP Onlus (= Association of Historic Trains of Apulia region)
Currently is in the workshop of Taranto to use with historical trains.
Info here: http://www.atsp.it/content/view/40/71/
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