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Prototipo del pendolino pronto per una corsa prova

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Exposure: 1/125
Aperture: f/5
Focal length: 0 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 10:28

Prototipo del pendolino pronto per una corsa prova

Looks like it's SZ 310. Need to verify some information about this train.
Hi Mikhail, train is "Pendolino" prototype. For SZ valutation (and 310 order) was apply SZ logo on train, but train is ALSTOM (before FIAT) property.
Is this train became SZ unit after test? Because i know that it was only 3 Pendolinos that was build as 3-cars set and all of them working for SZ now.
No, this train is now available for test in Alstom Factory at Savigliano.
Can you review this details, is it correct for this unit?
The prototype of the ETR 470, called "train zero", was composed of three coaches (BAC + 92 83 94-70 991-1 992-2 92 83 94-70 94 83 54-70 993-3 BB + RAC) and was equipped with a pantograph for the Swiss network and one for the Italian. Initially it was painted with the colors of Cisalpine and was employed in the second half of the 90s in several test runs in Switzerland. Later he received the livery of the Slovenian Railways SZ in the purchase of three Pendolini, later classified as Series 310. The train was also used to experiment with ERTMS (ETCS), only to end up shelved in the vicinity of establishments Alstom (formerly Fiat Station) Savigliano (I).
This train is 470 series as the SZ310 and SBB ETR470
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